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We are a Swiss based but global service company that aims at increasing your productivity

A global team is supporting you in your efforts to create highly professional presentations with ease.

City from Below

Our story

We all know it - we are buried in work and on top of that we are supposed to finish the slide deck for the client presentation the next day. Our founders know this feeling all too well and decided to do something about it.

We have a passion for design and automation, which brought us together to achieve a market leading position in slide design. We believe that it is a matter of time until everyone realizes that beautifying slides should be in the hands of professional service companies. The time saved and the much better result - two out of many reasons to mention.

Join our journey and make your time productive - NOW!


Our vision is to become the global market leader for PowerPoint design offering highest quality and speed at a very competitive price.


We aim to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction and this show that graphic design outsourcing is the way forward for successful business.

We provide safe and sustainable jobs in developing countries offering an alternative to job migration.

Board and management team

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Markus Wellstein (Board Member, Wellevate)

Markus Wellstein

Board member

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 Kevin MacCabe (Chairman, Wellevate)

Kevin MacCabe


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Thomas Schmitt (Board Member, Wellevate)

Thomas Schmitt

Board member

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One year of team work and service delivery

Our open positions

Junior Graphic Designer


Manila, Philippines

Sales Associate


Manila, Philippines

Assistant Operations


Manila, Philippines

  • How do you ensure the non-disclosure of my data?
    Once you send us your slides we will encrypt the file using the most advance Microsoft encryption technology. Only then the file is shared with our team and edited in a secure Microsoft environment. The encryption will lock the file after a certain time and make in completely inaccessible for anyone than the owner. We will only undo the encryption of the file once we have received your payment and prepare the file for you to download. Our team will not have access to any unencrypted file from you, except your master template.
  • How do I submit my work?
    You first need to register through our form. We will then setup everything for you and setup our team accordingly (max. 24h). Once done we will send you a link to your personal submission form, where you can directly upload your request.
  • How do bookable slots work?
    If you are on the medium or large payment plan you can book specific time slots with our senior designers. This way you receive support instantly. We will provide you with links to the scheduling calendar of our designers. You will be charged for each slide, as in the other situations as well with the exception that you won't be notified beforehand - we will provide you with the cost overview after the slot and deduct it from your balance. Important note: If you do not book enough time for your request (e.g. 1h for 10 complex slides), we cannot finish in time. If you are unsure about the time needed, get in contact with us - we will provide you with an estimate.
  • Do the turnaround times include evenings and weekends?
    Yes, the turnaround times include the weekend. So you can send us the slides whenever you are ready and we will deliver in time. Our team is flexible and works when there is work and relaxes when there is none. Be assured that we are constantly increasing our team size and making sure that we have very happy team members!
  • What kind of presentations do you handle?
    Technology: At this stage we only offer slide design in Microsoft PowerPoint. Language: There are no language restrictions as long as the language is integrated with Microsoft by default. Purpose / type: You can send us your pitch documents, consulting, educational or product related slides. We orient ourselves along your brand template, knowing that not all templates are made for each purpose. We will let you know if we believe that you need a different template.
  • Do I get the same designers for all my requests?
    If you have chosen a payment plan we will determine which designers will deliver the work, build your team and promise continuity.
  • Do I have to pay before or after the project?
    No, you do not need to pay in advance. Once you are 100% satisfied with our work you will be asked to do the payment. After that you will receive the document through a download link.
  • How does the pay monthly option work?
    If you decide to pay monthly you will profit from our reduced rates (see above). We still evaluate each of your requests and provide you with a price after reviewing it. The monthly payment acts in a way as credit that will be consumed by your requests. You can take over up to 20% of your monthly payment to the next month. Example: You are on the medium payment plan ($1900) and have used up to $1520 by the end of the month. You can leverage the remaining $380 in the upcoming month.
  • How do I know how much of the monthly payment is left?
    We will always let you know about the remaining balance when we quote new requests. If a team member is sending the request, you will receive the quote as well so you are aware of the situation and balance.
  • How do you calculate the pricing of my slide deck?
    We differentiate between 3 types of slide design: Simple, standard and complex. Each slide will be evaluated based on the workload. The final price is thus the sum of the different prices per slide. 1. Simple: Simple formatting and cleaning up of your slides in compliance with your master template. Min. price 2. Standard: Screenshots transformation / many icons, pictures and illustrations to be formatted. Med. price 3. Complex: Drawings / complex illustrations and many icons and pictures to be formatted. Max. price Important note: If a slide does not need any work (e.g. agenda slide), we will of course not charge it!
  • What about the bill and VAT?
    Once we evaluated your request we will send you a quote. After you are 100% satisfied with our work we will send you an email with the bill and the link to the online payment terminal. Depending on your residential country we will need to add VAT. The prices on this website are excluding value added tax owed, if any.
  • What payment options are available?
    We offer a multitude of payment options. From credit card, direct transfer to invoices (for Switzerland only). Payment shouldn't be a hurdle nowadays.
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